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Academic Excellence

We offer a broad range of subjects, both academic and vocational, which provides our pupils the chance for a smooth reintroduction back into mainstream education and also allows our KS4 pupils the opportunity to take 10 GCSE's. Our Core Principles for Academic Excellence are:


•Enhanced understanding of the curriculum requirements at all key stages.

•Developed understanding of the latest in terms of teaching practice

•Teachers should seek out creative ways of delivering and engaging pupils in subject content

•Create bespoke differentiated lessons for each individual pupil, evaluating the effectiveness and impact of each methodology and through reflective and mindful practice strive to secure the best strategies for each child

•Collaborate with subject departments in partner schools to enhance delivery with The Bridge and our mainstream partners

•Be confident to deliver an in depth understanding on effective practice for every child as an individual

•Demonstrate high expectations by developing bespoke and targeted learning which engages, stretches and challenges every pupil regardless of starting point

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