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Physical Education lessons are centred on self-improvement and team co-operation. Students are encouraged to work and improve on their own skills and work with other students to overcome different sporting challenges. This fosters an environment of students improving skills, becoming more knowledgeable about sport / fitness and having greater self-esteem.


Through a diet of various sporting and health promoting activities students measure and record their performance and plan to improve on what they have achieved, evaluating progress as it occurs. Each student is encouraged to manage and maintain fitness levels and use this knowledge to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. They are also encouraged to understand what makes an efficient team member and to use new skills when working in collaboration with others, transferable life skills. We encourage students to have a more relevant and positive view of themselves, through enhanced critical thinking and communication. They are also required to show greater understanding of individual and cultural differences, showing respect as they do so. This ultimately improves social and emotional behaviours.


In Key Stage 3 we concentrate on practical elements of the Physical Education curriculum but we also include theoretical elements placed inside these lessons too. The curriculum can be divided into Games, Fitness, Athletics and Outdoor and Adventurous Activities. Offsite facilities are used in order to give the students the best opportunity they can have when taking part in some of these activities, including:


• Football                              • Basketball               • Trekking

• Table Tennis                        • Tennis                     • Cricket

• Fitness Training                    • Badminton              • Athletics


We also offer GCSE Physical Education for students in Key Stage 4, we use the OCR examining board for this. The syllabus combines both theory and practical examination, all completed at the centre. Benefits include:


Develops knowledge and understanding through practical application


Performance Analysis Assessment and support materials are designed to allow a large section of the content to be taught in a practical way thus allowing theory to be understood through practice.



Encourages a holistic understanding of PE


Students will receive a well-rounded introduction to the world of PE, sport and sport science through the combination of physical performance and academic challenges.


Clear and accessible assessment for all students


The qualification has a straightforward structure with four engaging and up-to-date components, assessed through externally examined papers and non-examined assessments designed to be accessible for all students.


Nurtures skills and knowledge for progression to further study


The content builds on the understanding developed at the previous Key Stage, increasing breadth whilst avoiding unnecessary repetition and also ensuring that the learners new to the subject are appropriately supported.


Content overview

● Topic 1: Applied anatomy and physiology

● Topic 2: Movement analysis

● Topic 3: Physical training

● Topic 4: Use of data


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