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Superhero Hook Day
Thursday 4th January

Our Curriculum Engagement Day this half term is on the topic of Superhro's. From finding out what makes a superhero to us indivudally, to learning about some real life superheroes in different fields of work. Some of the subjects include:


RE- In RE we will be looking at the key question: ‘Who inspires you?’ This will involve looking at a number of Inspirational Characters of Faith including Martin Luther King JR, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Malala Yousafzai.

History - For the Superhero theme this half term, students studying History will be investigating real life heroes - people who changed the world! We'll be studying heroes such as Alan Turing and how he saved thousands of lives during World War Two, Florence Nightingale and how she courageously worked to transform nursing and improve sanitation in hospitals and beyond.

English - We will be delving into some of the stereotypical personality traits of heroes and villains, while exploring how some of the characters have been subverted from villains to heroes in retellings of the stories.

Art - This term in Art/English, students will explore the features and traits of a superhero, questioning why we have them and what their superpowers symbolise. We will also consider their alter-egos and flaws before designing our own superhero and creating a short story about them.

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Exam Results 2022


Pupils in Year 11 at The Bridge received some fantastic exam results in the GCSE’s taken in the Summer of 2022.

24.2% of all pupils sitting GCSE’s at The Bridge received 4 GCSE’s of Grade 4 or above and 18% of pupils received 6 GCSE’s of Grade 4 or above.


With strong grades across the board, the core subjects of English, Maths and Science received some of their best results with a large percentage of pupils receiving grades in these subjects at Grades 4, 5 or 6. Vocational subjects such as ICT iMedia and Sports Leader also had pupils achieving Merits and Distinctions.

Head teacher, Chris Bayliss said of the 2022 results:

“I am delighted that the hard work and determination all of our students showed in their final years at The Bridge has been rewarded with a fantastic set of exam results which will be invaluable for those students going onto their further education or apprenticeships. I would also like to commend our team of staff who have worked individually with each and every pupil to prepare them for their exams and I know that they are just as proud of the students as I am.”

Pupils at The Bridge can achieve up to 10 GCSE's and a range of vocational courses, and a quarter of our cohort this year can go on to do A levels.


The Bridge Education Centre is recognised for excellence in science teaching

Science Mark Winners logo_100x100mm_Gold

The Bridge Education Centre has today been awarded the prestigious Gold Science Mark, in recognition of the excellent work undertaken by our science department.

Science Mark was created by STEM Learning to recognise and celebrate best practice in science departments across the UK. Schools and colleges receive the Science Mark when they can show that they are delivering inspiring lessons for students and demonstrate their department’s commitment to high-quality science education.

Only 15% of schools have been awarded the Science Mark nationally and The Bridge Education Centre is the first PRU (Pupil Referral Unit) to have been awarded this prestigious mark.

Chris Bayliss, Headteacher of The Bridge Education Centre said upon receiving the Gold Mark:

“I am delighted that the hard work and teaching standards of our excellent Science Department has been recognised nationally. The planning and preparation our Science team put into their lessons ensures that our students are engaged and inspired by science. I am also proud of the fact that we are the first PRU in the UK to achieve this mark which reflects the high level of education provision The Bridge Education Centre offers its students.”

Recent science lessons have included a visit to the Land Rover BAR centre to learn about force and speed through the physics of aerodynamics and learning about the biological structures of different species with a visit into centre from ZooLab.

Helen Farrell and Suzanne Flewitt are the joint Lead Teachers for Science at The Bridge and Helen expressed her delight in receiving the Science Mark.

“The whole ethos of the Science Department is to engage our students across the three core science subjects of biology, physics and chemistry. We do this in a number of ways through both practical and theory work and also by bringing in or visiting leading science subjects where our students can see the practical elements of what we are teaching them. We were obviously delighted when our submission for the Silver Science was upgraded to the Gold Mark.”

Adam Little, Professional Development Leader at STEM Learning, said:

“We are delighted to congratulate The Bridge Education Centre on receiving the Gold Science Mark. Being awarded Science Mark is such a prestigious achievement because the assessment process is so rigorous, ensuring the programme is a true hallmark of quality science teaching. It is clear to see that the science team are ambitious, hardworking, strategic, and enthusiastic about teaching science, and that their efforts convert over into good outcomes for their students. It became clear that most criteria had actually exceeded silver, and had in fact met the gold standard. Each school and college who receives Science Mark has demonstrated a real and ongoing commitment to excellent science education in their school. The Bridge Education Centre is a great example of this.”

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