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Ofsted continues to praise The Bridge for its relentless dedication in supporting pupils

We are delighted to report that we have once again been praised by Ofsted for providing pupils with an ‘exceptionally broad and rich’ education provision in their latest inspection report.

We provide an educational provision for both disadvantaged pupils and those children who struggle with mainstream school. This is the second consecutive time that The Bridge has been identified as a ‘Good’ school by an Ofsted inspection.

Writing in the inspection report, Ofsted praises the school for providing a positive and trusting environment. “This school gives pupils a fresh start in education. Pupils form positive and trusting relationships with staff who listen to them and understand their needs. They are made to feel safe and secure. This means that pupils have many opportunities to have a fresh start in education and a strive for success in both their personal and academic goals’.

The report highlighted that the carefully designed curriculum compromising of academic, active and therapeutic provision “For all pupils the offer is exceptionally broad and rich. Importantly, pupils’ social, emotional and mental health needs are well provided for throughout their daily lessons.”

Headteacher, Chris Bayliss, said:

“I’m delighted that the Ofsted report validates the work our team provide children every day to ensure that they feel safe and valued in school. We know that school can be challenging for some children and we have worked really hard over the years to provide a full range of subjects alongside therapeutic support to help our students not just achieve academic results but provide support for them to face the future.

Our last Ofsted inspection was in 2018 found that we were a ‘Good’ school and to not only maintain but improve on the inspection findings is testament to our team in providing engaging and supportive educational provision for our children.”

To read the full report, download the report below or visit the Ofsted website

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