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Education, Engagement & Inspiration 

Mr. C Bayliss
Head Teacher

Welcome to the Bridge Education Centre. We are an inclusion provision based in Eastleigh and work with 12 Hampshire schools.  Our ethos is one of Education, Engagement and Inspiration, we want your child to experience a happy and well balanced school life.


Children sometimes find school difficult.  Hampshire schools are very good at supporting their pupils through these tough times.  When the difficulties faced by the pupil require additional support or intervention the school might refer them to us.


We provide academic, therapeutic and alternative education solutions to pupils who are struggling with their education.  Often our children are with us for a short two term support program.  They are  given support, guidance and strategies to succeed in mainstream education.  There might be a number of outcomes from this program and these will be discussed at length with parents, carers, the school and the pupil. 


In rare cases older pupils who cannot manage a mainstream educational environment might complete their secondary education with us.  Our full time KS4 groups can study up to 10 GCSE's and benefit from further vocational qualifications.  We mix an alternative activity based program with an academic offer which is balanced to meet the needs of your child.  You can search the site to find detailed information on all our educational programs.


If you have any further questions please navigate to the                             page, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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