All students attend offsite tuition  for a two week assessment period before they attend the Bridge on a full time timetable. During this time students will work  1:1 or in  a small group with an experienced  tutor  at one of our offsite provisions.  Students receive a personalised curriculum with a key emphasis on English maths and science. Working as part of a group and building relationships is also a key area for development.

We provide a broad , balanced curriculum for the students liaising with their mainstream school where appropriate. We work closely in partnership with parents to facilitate the move  from tuition to The Bridge or back  into a mainstream school. Regular reviews are held to monitor the child’s progress  focussing on  attainment and behaviour.

 If a child has a medical condition which means they are unable to attend their mainstream school 1:1 tuition will be put in place in one of our offsite provisions or occasionally in the home if there is medical evidence to support this.