Religious Studies

Religious Studies at the Bridge Education Centre involves developing mindful and informed pupils by studying topics that are relevant to them and which allow pupils to have their own beliefs and outlooks challenged in a safe and stimulating environment.

Through studying different religions and ethical topics, pupils are able to gain a deeper understanding of what people in society believe and the reasons for these beliefs as well as deciding what they as individuals believe about the topics being discussed.

Pupils in Key Stage 3 study a number of different topics that last a half term. This includes the beliefs and practices of a number of different world religions as well as looking at ethical topics such as Crime and Punishment and Life and Death. When pupils reach year 10 they begin a Short Course GCSE in Religious Studies which will they sit in the summer of year 11.

Religious Studies aims to educate pupils to become open minded, tolerant and understanding by learning about relevant, sensitive and controversial issues in religions and society as a whole. Pupils will begin to be able to challenge negative perceptions or stereotypes that they may encounter in their everyday lives. Pupils will learn to challenge these topics philosophically, working with their peers to question what is being taught and consequently furthering their independent and collaborative skills.

This reflects the ethos of the centre as we aim to help pupils to constructively participate in decision making in their own lives and in society, which for many pupils is what hinders them returning to school or being as successful as they are capable of being. In addition, many of our pupils struggle to listen and appreciate what other are saying; which Religious Studies looks to challenge by helping pupils to appreciate other people’s perspectives and the reason for these views.