The Department of Construction at The Bridge Education Centre strives for the highest possible standards of success for our diverse disciplines, fostering critical and creative thinking, effective communication, problem solving, learning community engagement, and team working, while maintaining a safe, inclusive, and diverse environment for our students, department, and staff.

The Construction Department will be widely recognised for the quality, accessibility, and academic rigor of its educational and extra-curricular programs, as well as its broad access for our students.

The Construction Department insures the quality of its output through the nurture of our students, developing positive relationships and the focusing of partnerships and resources.

Construction and the associated trades enhance the life, imagination and education of our young adults. We create vocational skills and cultural assets among our students, who excel in the fields of Construction, becoming great problem solvers in one of the largest industries in the UK. The knowledge gained in the classroom is a real life skill that we deliver with the intended path of that being able to start an apprenticeship, further education, or any future requirements where there is a need for Construction or a hands on trades skill.

Skills learnt within Construction includes a vast degree of design and planning skills. We are very proud to deliver real trade skills, such as electrical installation, carpentry, plastering, painting and decorating and household maintenance. The intention is to teach the students skills to not just increase their confidence, further education potential, but to also give them the ability to progress within any of these areas in their future careers if they choose this path.

Our program of learning teaches creative and critical thinking alongside comprehensive communication skills. The Department of Construction is poised for greatness, not simply responding to existing needs but charting a progressive course for our respective medias as we adapt the learning to new technologies. As the number of students at The Bridge Education Centre is small when compared to other schools in Southampton it means we can deliver a course that is suited to the student’s own strengths, aspirations and interests.


KS4 Course

Year 10

BTEC Construction Entry 3

Core units:

Unit 1: Producing a Timber Product

Unit 2: Decorating Household Goods


Year 11

BTEC Construction Level 1 (Award or Certificate Level)

Core Units:

Unit 19: Developing Electrical installation skills

Unit 16: Developing Construction Painting Skills