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Food & Nutrition

Cooking is an essential life skill, empowering us to make changes that benefit our health

and wellbeing.


Our Home Cooking Skills courses aim to give every young person the basic skills and

knowledge to be able to cook for themselves in a healthy, cost-effective way, as well as

gain the confidence to share these skills with friends and family.


Completing the BTEC Home Cooking Skills qualifications you will develop: 

·       knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy cooking meals at home. 

·       understanding of how to economise when planning meals.

·       confidence to transfer skills learned to other recipes and to continue cooking for

        yourself and your family.

·       your general health and wellbeing.

·       cooking skills that can be passed down throughout the generations.


Skills you will develop:

·       nutritional value of food

·       how to adapt a recipe for different dietary requirements.

·       planning a meal on a budget.

·       cooking and food preparation skills.

·       work safely and hygienically in the kitchen.

·       use a variety of equipment and tools correctly/safely.

·       follow a recipe and method in the correct order.

·       correct storage of ingredients.

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