Creative Art

Art and creative learning can have a positive impact on young

people helping to raise  self- esteem and confidence. 


Through Art education we aim to provide an environment in

which pupils can develop the ability to express themselves artistically.


Learning new skills will enhance and contribute to their creative thinking.


Through creative expression they will develop problem solving skills

and resilience.

Students in KS3 are introduced to a variety of new skills and a range of different media in

which to complete their art work. Students study the work of different artists and are given 

opportunities to learn new techniques.  They are encouraged to communicate their own ideas

through a variety of learning experiences. Artists are invited in to work with the students in

conjunction with Hampshire Cultural Trust.


 At KS4 students have the opportunity to take art as an option subject and follow the full GCSE

course, where they have the opportunity  to develop and explore their personal interests in art

and design. Visits to galleries such as Southampton City art gallery and places of inspiration

such as Art in the garden at Hilliers Arboretum are organised throughout the year. The GCSE

qualification consists of a portfolio of course work plus an externally set task which culminates

in a 10 hour exam usually run over two days. 

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