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Covid-19 Guidance and Information

  • All students have their temperature taken prior to entering the school premises. If their temperature is over 37.8 degrees, they will be asked to have their temperature taken again 5-10mins later as we are aware that some students may have been running around/cycling to school. Normally, if this occurs, their temperature reduces and a normal temperature is around 36-37 degrees. If a student continues to present a high temperature of over 37.5 degrees, they will be sent home and asked to isolate for 7 days.

  • Students will be required to sanitise their hands using gel and also their phone using anti-viral wipes before entering or re-entering the school.

  • Students are asked to wash their hands or use the sanitiser gel regularly throughout the day.

  • Students are asked to maintain a 2m social distance between themselves, other pupils and staff throughout the day. There are floor markers showing the distance and staff regularly remind them to keep their distance.

  • Staff will be cleaning door handles, tables and laptops at the end of every lesson throughout the day.

  • Classrooms and the hall (which is used for lunch area) will be set up to maintain social distancing guidelines. Classrooms will have no more than three students at any one time. The lunch hall is marked out for students to eat with plenty of distance between them and others.

As we are a dedicated education provision, we have a lot less numbers of pupils and staff than mainstream secondary schools. Therefore, we have conducted a risk assessment based on our pupil and staff numbers and the space within centre and facemasks are not a compulsory requirement whilst in school.

However, all of our pupils are required to participate in our Active provision which involves being transported on a minibus and pupils will HAVE to wear facemasks whilst on Active provision. Also, some of the sports facilities will require the wearing of facemasks in certain areas so students must have a facemask for the Active provision.

If students do not have a facemask, they are liable to be sent home.

See the FAQ page on our main website for further information which students or parents may ask you

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